Lighting Fundamentals with Cormac Hanrahan | Online Workshop

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Lighting Fundamentals | Cormac Hanrahan

Light is the language of photography. In this online course, join professional photographer, Cormac Hanrahan, as he guides you through the fundamentals of lighting.

Utilising an extensive array of behind the scenes photos in combination with results straight out of camera, this course explores common natural light scenarios found in and around any home and teaches participants how to overcome difficult real-world lighting situations.

We’ll explore identifying different types of light, use basic tools to manipulate it, and learn how to utilise the spaces of your home to understand the fundamental principles of light and how to use it to create compelling photos.

While the examples provided focus on portraiture, the lessons in this course apply to all aspects of photography and the skills and knowledge gained can be put into practice immediately and will remain relevant for the rest of your photographing life.

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Image by Cormac Hanrahan.

This 60 minute session covers

  • Identifying different types of light
  • Understand the effects of different types of light
  • Overcoming challenges of bright sunny day
  • Utilise shade to your advantage
  • How to manipulate light using basic tools
  • Discovering the light in and outside your home

What To Bring

  • Computer with internet connection
  • Curiosity
  • Questions
  • Your enthusiasm

Course Inclusions

  • Exclusive online training.
  • Tutorial by professional photographer and Nikon School Lecturer Cormac Hanrahan

Recommended for: Beginner or Intermediate Photographers

Please note, this session will be held via Webex Video Conference. A Nikon School representative will be in touch to provide you with the link and access code to join the session.