Intro to Focus Stacking for Landscape Photographers with Josh Beames

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Intro to Focus Stacking for Landscape Photographers | Josh Beames

Whether you are brand new to editing or would just like to further up skill your shooting and editing process, this online class will delve into Josh's processes into Photo Stacking.

Josh will cover off his techniques into focus stacking, whilst going through the benefits of the automatic ‘Focus Shift’ function. After exploring this process, Josh will also cover off some of the amazing tools that Lightroom has to offer. You will learn how Josh creates clean consistent landscape edits every time.

During this 90 min workshop you will discover Josh's tips and tricks whilst he works through his focus stacking technique and post processing methods. You will also get to understand how he develops a fast and efficient workflow that allows him to speed up editing while focus stacking Landscape images.

Recommended for: Beginner or Intermediate photographers.

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Event description picture
Images by Josh Beames.

Topics Covered:

Manual and automated Focus stacking

  • Understanding the ‘Focus Shift’ function and manual focus stacking techniques
  • Learn how to navigate and control specific focus stacking software.

Develop Module

  • Importing stacked files
  • Understanding focus stacking
  • Histogram
  • Tone adjustments, corrections for under / over exposure
  • White balance & adjustment
  • Contrast & clarity, vibrance and saturation
  • Using tone curves
  • Colour Channels
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction
  • Lens corrections
  • Cropping and straightening, aspect ratios
  • Spot removal and Localised adjustments
  • Graduated filters and the adjustment brushes


  • Exporting your images
  • File formats and their usages
  • Sizes and resolution

Course Inclusions

- Exclusive online training

- Tutorial by professional photographer and Nikon School lecturer, Josh Beames

Please note, this session will be held via Zoom Video Conference. The Zoom link will be sent out to you a few hours prior to workshop commencement providing you with the link and access code to join the session.