Product Photography with Kristine Fernandez

The Loft Studio
24/37 McDonald Road
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As part of Nikon Presents: Z Creators, join content creator Kristine Fernandez for a product photography workshop and have an opportunity to shoot your product of choice! During the session, learn how to work with light sources, discover angles, and get creative with props, backdrops and surfaces. You will also learn how to create a theme through styling by coordinating colours and textures.

Throughout the session, you will have the unique opportunity to test and try select Z series bodies and lenses and learn the benefits of the Z system.

Skill Level: Entry Level

Event description picture
Event description picture

Topics Covered:

• Working with light

• Angles

• Turning everyday items into props

• Creating a theme

What to Bring:

• 1 product to serve as a prop plus 2-3 related props

• A DSLR or mirrorless camera

• A tripod

• A fully charged battery (spare battery recommended)

• Something to take notes (eg. notepad on phone)

• Have Snapbridge or Nikon WMU app installed on the phone

1300 851 435 (Mon-Fri 9-5 PM AEDT)