The Art Of Wildlife Photography – Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo
Elliott Ave
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This hands-on, 4-hour photography workshop, set in the unique sanctuary that is Melbourne Zoo, will introduce you to the specialist skill of photographing animals from all walks of wildlife.

Our Nikon School Lecturers will teach you the tricks of the trade when working with wildlife. Whilst you can’t control your subject, you can learn to control how they’re photographed, through the optimisation of your camera’s settings, the use of longer lenses, and the development of your visual instincts.

In addition, you’ll learn how to accommodate your shot for zoo-specific variables including background detail and ‘available light’.

Our aim is that you’ll gain the necessary skills to take memorable images of all manner of species – skills that’ll also be of benefit in a range of other photographic disciplines.

Skill Level: Entry level to Intermediate.

Workshop inclusions:

  • Overall course time 9am – 1pm
  • Entry to Melbourne Zoo
  • A short workshop in Wildlife Photography with Cormac Hanrahan

What you will learn:

  • Technical skills related to equipment used for animal photography (adaptable to other areas)
  • Compositional skills related to animal photography (adaptable to other areas)
  • Tips for anticipating animal behaviour
  • Tips and techniques for working with unique environments of animal enclosures
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Topics Covered:

  • Camera equipment and settings
  • Choosing the right lens
  • Working with your environment
  • Composition of the photograph
  • Anticipating animal behaviour
  • Angle of view

What to bring:

  • A digital SLR camera
  • Fully charged camera battery
  • Your digital SLR Instruction Manual
  • Memory card (s)
  • Lenses – especially long zoom (200mm/300mm and above) if possible
  • Pen & Paper
  • Tripod or Monopod (optional)

Note: If your Nikon camera is SnapBridge compatible, please bring along your mobile device with the SnapBridge application already installed.

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