Cityscapes with Heesoo Chung

H.C. Coombs Centre
122A Kirribilli Avenue
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Join Heesoo Chung for a comprehensive four-hour hands-on workshop that will take you through the entire process of capturing urban cityscapes, then teach you how to get the most out of your images through post-production tips and tricks.

Set in and around Kirribilli’s picturesque foreshore region from late afternoon to early evening, Heesoo will guide you through a variety of topics, including: an introduction to night photography, the basics of composition, maximising foreground elements, and utilising natural framing to capture photographic perspectives.

Average, unedited photography is like a theatre without a lighting crew - the beauty of communication is lost. This workshop will conclude with a succinct introduction to post-production, using Adobe Lightroom to breathe light into your images using masterful techniques.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Topics covered

• Composition basics

• Using contrast to set emotion

• Effective foreground elements

• Settings and histograms

• Shooting and composing cityscape images

• Post-production tips and tricks

• Day-to-night image blend

What to bring

• DSLR or Mirrorless camera

• Fully charged camera battery/s

• Memory cards

• Wide-angle lens – Ideally from 14mm-24mm full frame but wider than 28mm full frame

• Sturdy tripod

• Remote trigger/Cable release (optional)

• Laptop (with Adobe Photoshop installed)

• Bottled Water

Note: If your Nikon camera is SnapBridge compatible, please bring along your mobile device with the SnapBridge application already installed.

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